Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Episode 13

John Wall and Alex Rogers allow us an ear hole into a compositional and
improvisational parallel reality of their own creation! Where Rogers' neologistic/modernist poetry twists and mutates alongside John Wall's Electroacoustic craftings. This hour long episodic contribution serves as a potent example of the potential these two artists could threaten to release upon the current contemporary experimental circuits.

A rolling gait,had he.

There is a twee in Ethekth I’ll hinge meself fwom

Who is there?

Ever eh? Who is there?

                              No one


Which is what? Just a moan, just a moan as usual.

Ever since sentences started to circulate in brains devoted to reflection, an effort at total identification has been made, because with the aid of a copula each sentence ties one thing to another; all things would be visibly connected if one could discover at a single glance and in its totality the tracings of Ariadne's thread leading thought into its own labyrinth.

  Glossolalia- John Wall & Alex Rogers by Tongues

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