Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Episode 11

Ludo Mich ~ is a painter, sculptor, performer, poet, choreographer, film- and videomaker, animator, holographer and musician. He lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. In his latest visual work, currently on the way to China, Ludo Mich does not just play the violin like he did in some of his latest live performances, but instead makes noise with the superstrings, linking his love for music, holography and quantum physics in the 11th dimension or the M-dimension (M as in Mich). Mich has always been an artist with a special interest in technicality and most of his work can be described as the visualisation of different dimensions. The Superstring Theory could be seen as a unified Theory Of Everything, because every matter consists of the energy or the “music” of superstrings, the smallest elementary particles. Through experiments like this, Ludo Mich tries to show that string theory is also visually and musically applicable to the domain of metaphysics. Ever since starting out making music to his experimental films of the Sixties, he’s been collaborating with people, which is what this Resonance selection in the first place shows. Results can turn out out to be scientific, mythical, physical, annoying, conceptual or simply extremely funny, but always give us a glimpse of his 11th dimension.

The Selection:

1. Kommissar Hjuler, Mama Bear & Ludo Mich – Out Of Body. After Kommissar Hjuler heard the La Bamba version I did for the Ultra Eczema compilation, he sent me several recordings for a collaboration. I wrote text, recorded the vocals for them and mixed the songs here.

2. Ludo Mich – Music from the film Deus Ex Machina. The original version of this track was composed by Ludo Mich in 1966 and used for his performance Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde at theatercafé Babylon (Brugge/Belgium); In 1970 ten minutes of the original 120 minutes soundtrack were used for the film Deus Ex Machina. The original 120 minutes got lost.. (taken from the Music From Films By Ludo Mich LP, Ultra Eczema 25)

3. LudoMich & Blood Stereo - The Peeling Spirit. From the Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo – From Tapes & Throats LP, Giant Tank 017. Ludo’s vocals recorded at home in Antwerp, 2006, by Hans De Ley. Mixed and edited by Blood Stereo at home in Brighton, 2008

4. Kuwayama & Ludo Mich - Untitled. I recorded voice and Japanese artist Kuwayama made music to it. We got to know each other in Glasgow at the Install Festival in 2006, while smoking cigarettes out on the street. The song never was released.

5. Ludo Mich & W. Ravenveer – Improvisation at Bokal Royale in Brussels, .November 2nd 2008, organised by Veglia Records.

6. Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo - In Love With A Hologram. From the Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo – From Tapes & Throats LP, Giant Tank 017. Ludo’s vocals recorded at home in Antwerp, 2006, by Hans De Ley. Mixed and edited by Blood Stereo at home in Brighton, 2008.

7. Kuwayama & Ludo Mich – Tell Me A Story. Another unreleased collaboration song I did together with my Japanese friend.

8. Joyous Cosmology & Ludo Mich. Improvisation at Cinema Nova in Brussels together with the band of my daughter Djuna, played as a soundtrack to the Multi-D:2D holographic movie I made. February 2nd 2007.

9. Ludo Mich - La Bamba. Cover version for the Ultra Eczema 68 LP, which was released with the Ultros Exemos La Bamba Night(mare) party at Antwerp squat Scheldapen where all bands and the dj only played versions of the La Bamba song, the complete night (February 28th 2009). Insanity.

10. Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo - It's Raining Ammonia. From the Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo – From Tapes & Throats LP, Giant Tank 017. Ludo’s vocals recorded at home in Antwerp, 2006, by Hans De Ley. Mixed and edited by Blood Stereo at home in Brighton, 2008.

Glossolalia- Ludo Mich by Glossolalia

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Episode 10

"The Curious March Of The Goat Faced" by Dylan Nyoukis

A collage, inspired by some recent travels. Mostly recordings made in (and of) Bremen, Berlin, Moers, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Gerlesborg and Brighton, with a few small dips into the 'archive'. All sounds and recordings by Dylan Nyoukis with these exceptions buried in the piece somewhere: Chris Corsano plays footpump, Leena Setzepfand & Michael Hohendorf sweep up, Holger Lauster takes the art of 'soundman' to new levels, Daniel Löwenbrück shakes his inner 'ethnic', Elkka Reign Nyoukis supplies some vocals and Karen Constance supplies some tapes.

Dylan Nyoukis's work exists on the fringe of contemporary avant garde art and underground DIY insurrection. As a leading light in the UK's tape/CD-R scene, Nyoukis has long functioned as a rallying point for artists working to clear a space for original, non-idiomatic sound and feral performance modes. Alongside his sister and long-term collaborator Lisa (Dora Doll), he founded the Chocolate Monk label in 1993, an early experimental music imprint that combined hi-jacks of outmoded media - cassette, CD-R, pen and paper - with cutting edge investigations of the limits of form, while functioning as a home for Nyoukis's own projects, Prick Decay, Decaer Pinga, Ceylon Mange, Blood Stereo and countless one-off collaborations.

Prick Decay's 2001 album, Guidelines For Basement Non-Fidel, has long been regarded as one of the founding documents of the new weird century, alongside Harry Pussy's "Smash The Mirror" and Sun City Girls Torch Of The Mystics. Nyoukis's early material paralleled international developments in post-noise syntax but his approach has become increasingly sophisticated while still retaining a refusenik energy, interrogating sound-poetry and musique concrete strategies while always working outside of their inherited strictures.

His current group, Blood Stereo, is a duo with his wife, the musician and artist Karen Constance, that explores hand-cranked 20th century technology in combination with epiglottal gymnastics and free music modes inherited as much from punk rock's mutilated aesthetic as utopian art styles. His solo vocal and tape work continues to push the envelope in terms of the expressive options offered by amplified physicality while his rejection of any kind of theoretical backdrop liberates him from servitude to any specific agenda. He remains a singular voice. Over the years he has collaborated with artists as diverse as Ludo Mich, Chris Corsano, Thurston Moore, Sun City Girls, Bill Nace, Heather Leigh Murray, Phil Minton, Neil Campbell, Usurper and Wolf Eyes. He lives in Brighton, England.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Episode 9

Since several years, LG aka él-g, in his little french corner, tried to explore different psyche highways through different spaceships , in more or less shiny cosmos. Between pop tunnels, hypnotic toboggans and electronic hallucinations (Kraak, S-S Records, Memoirs of an Aesthete labels) and direct spoken word style, stand-up comedy approach, cut-up fresques (Capitaine Présent serial, episode #5 on Nashazphone label), él-g loves to dive under the floor of his post-teenage bedroom studio. In parralel of cro-magnon activities, Jo, Ghedalia Tazartès and él-g formed the band "Reines d'Angleterre" who toured a lot through Europe to expose this multi generationnal mantra cabaret. In parallel of Reines d'Angleterre, Opera Mort, the duet formed with Jo, swim in synthetic world, damage beats and industrial processions, shadow groove for hurted souls.

Relocating in Brussels since one year, in the city of New Beat and other speedfreaks connections, our boy él-g has slowly recorded what he wanted secretly for years, cosmic music saw through the specter of beats and patterns.

So here we are. Instead of doing a collage of old things I prefered to make something 100% new, in total connection with the mood of the moment. In this almost one hour piece, you'll find melted processions, radio pieces over-acted english plays with harsch french accent, synthesizers spirals, dark dance bridges. Shake your ass on this Doom-Booty platform!