Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Episode 9

Since several years, LG aka él-g, in his little french corner, tried to explore different psyche highways through different spaceships , in more or less shiny cosmos. Between pop tunnels, hypnotic toboggans and electronic hallucinations (Kraak, S-S Records, Memoirs of an Aesthete labels) and direct spoken word style, stand-up comedy approach, cut-up fresques (Capitaine Présent serial, episode #5 on Nashazphone label), él-g loves to dive under the floor of his post-teenage bedroom studio. In parralel of cro-magnon activities, Jo, Ghedalia Tazartès and él-g formed the band "Reines d'Angleterre" who toured a lot through Europe to expose this multi generationnal mantra cabaret. In parallel of Reines d'Angleterre, Opera Mort, the duet formed with Jo, swim in synthetic world, damage beats and industrial processions, shadow groove for hurted souls.

Relocating in Brussels since one year, in the city of New Beat and other speedfreaks connections, our boy él-g has slowly recorded what he wanted secretly for years, cosmic music saw through the specter of beats and patterns.

So here we are. Instead of doing a collage of old things I prefered to make something 100% new, in total connection with the mood of the moment. In this almost one hour piece, you'll find melted processions, radio pieces over-acted english plays with harsch french accent, synthesizers spirals, dark dance bridges. Shake your ass on this Doom-Booty platform!

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