Monday, 26 April 2010

Episode 3

The Vitamin B12 contributed this hour long episode "The Vitamin Radio Show". When asked to describe his contribution the following explanation was given:


How is it that one recording sounds like I am listening to the radio, whilst another does not? Various Vitamin B12 members were challenged to record material specifically for the radio, with ‘the radio’ as their uniting theme.

For this project the Vitamin B12 were: Noah Campbell, Ian Cordell, XelĂ­s de Toro, John Ditzky, Jo Lacey, Nick Langley, Keiron Leal, Matthew Lloyd, Hassni Malik, Karin Mori, Kulo Murugaiyan, Alistair Strachan, Will Vole and Alasdair Willis.

Glossolalia- the vitamin radio show by Xenoglossic

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