Monday, 19 April 2010

Episode 2

Graham Lambkin also contributes an hour long episodic contribution for the series, his mission statement was thus:

"This show is my mixtape to you. a gathering of old and new favorites, from the wilfully obscure to the commonly found, the unifying theme is excellence. an hour we can all enjoy."

01. Cement Women 'V' (1982)

from V/A 'Dedication' CD (Artware)

02. Kate Bush 'Two In One Coffin' (1979)

from Empire Theatre, Liverpool 03/04/79 audience recording

03. Gene F. Steiker & Larry S. Chengges 'Same Old Town' (1973)

from 'Straywinds' LP (Shanyn-Alexus)

04. Hector Zazou 'Denise A Venise' (1984)

from '"Geographies" Made to Measure Vol.5' LP (Crammed)

05. Franco Battiato 'Agnus' (1978)

from 'Juke Box' LP (Ricordi)

06. Chris Weisman 'Over The Shadow's Door' (2009)

from 'Over The Shadow's Door' split 7" (Autumn)

07. Un Drame Musical Instantane 'L'Invitation Au Voyage Sacra Matao Et' (1983)

from 'Les Bons Contes Font Les Bons Amis' LP (GRRR)

08. Marc Bolan 'Voice Poem' (1975)

from 'T.Rex Unchained: Unreleased Recordings Volume 6: 1975' CD (Chronicles)

09. Etant Donnes 'S'envole' (1992)

from V/A 'Sky Flowers & Horse Eggs' CD (Hypnagogia)

10. Opus Avantra 'L'altalena' (1974)

from 'Donella Del Monaco' LP (Trident)

11. Capsicum Red 'Rabbia & Poesia' (1971)

from 'Appunti Per Un Idea Fissa' LP (Bla Bla)

12. Doug Kershaw 'Spanish Moss' (1970)

from 'Spanish Moss' LP (Warner Bros.)

13. Peter Hammill 'The Wipe' (1980)

from 'A Black Box' LP (S-Type)

Glossolalia- Graham Lambkin's Dj set (Episode 2) by xenoglossia


  1. Going to post a set list? Thanks.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This whole set is amazing, and it has me scratching my head over how the hell I missed Doug Kershaw all these years!

  4. I had not made downloading an option as I had not asked each individual contributors permission to do so! Yet will endeavor to get ahold of Graham and find out whether it would be ok to make this accessible!